Friday, September 30, 2016

Apocalypse Experience: Actors and Volunteers Needed

Tammy Lane Productions is now casting for the October production of
The Apocalypse Experience.”  This live outdoor performance is an evangelistic depiction of biblical prophecy and end time events.
More information can be found at
Male and female actors of all ethnicities, ages 15-60 will be considered for various roles. Craft services will be provided.  Lodging available for production weekends.
Principal Actors needed: (Paid)
(Note: Cast pay is for 5 days of production only)
  • Animal/Human Hybrid - Male age 18-35, 5’10” and up, stocky build, physically fit (actor will be wearing a high-quality silicone mask) Role pays $150 per day
  • Abdul – Male 18-35, (African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern) age 18-35, any build (Middle Eastern accent required)  Role pays $125 per day
  • Demon Imp/Looter – Male age 15-18, thin build, Role pays $75 day
  • Soldier – Male age 18-35, stocky build, Role pays $75 per day

Background Actors needed: (Non-paid) **Note: Actors will receive one ticket, a T-shirt, and Capernaum Bucks.
  • Diseased Patient – Male or Female, age 15-60, thin build
  • Holocaust Victim – Male, age 15-60, dark hair/eyes, thin build
  • Christian Prisoner – Male, age 15-60, thin build
  • Townspeople – Male or Female, age 15-60, any build
  • Student – Male or Female, age 15-22, any build
  • Grim Reaper – Male, age 15-60, 5’10” and up, thin build
  • Rebel – Male or Female, age 15-60, any build
  • Anti-Christian Terrorist – Male, age 17-50, any build
  • Hazmat Personnel – Male or Female, age 18-35, any build

Submit headshot/resume’ to
Contact:  Kim Gassner

Rehearsals:  Currently rehearsing Sundays (6:00-9:00pm), plus Thursday, October 20th
Production Dates:  Evening performances Friday-Saturday October 21st – 22nd and Friday – Sunday October 28th – 30th (Ticket booth will be open 7:00-11:00pm) **Call Time: 5:00pm  (earlier if role requires makeup)
10700 FM 920
Weatherford, TX 76088

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Faith Film Funding

Are You Seeking Funding For Your Faith-Based Film?
Do you have a completed film, or one that is nearing completion, and currently seeking P&A funding to provide the advertising exposure necessary for successful distribution?
Whether you are supporting a theatrical release, VOD platform, or retail DVD distribution, creating awareness of your film is a key element in the success of the distribution plan.
Faith Film Funding is dedicated to expanding the delivery of Faith-Based and Core Family Values films into mainstream distribution. They provide private funding access to fuel the advertising side of your P & A budget that delivers structured, component-based funding or access to cover your entire media plan. Funding can be committed early in the process with a letter of commitment, which in many cases, will allow you to best negotiate your completion funding, distribution agreements and foreign market pre-sales. For projects that meet the investment criteria, funding is traditionally available for 50% - 70% of the A side of the P&A equation. This provides significant leverage for a producer or distributor seeking funding from $100,000 up to $10 million or more.
For More information:
* Contact Lane at 360-818-9318 Ext. 701  
* Visit website at:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 30 - Dallas/FortWorth Combined Meeting

On July 30, 2015, the Dallas Chapter and the Fort Worth Chapter of Christian Media Association are going to combine meetings for the first time for an insightful night of fellowship, networking, and a great discussion on the impact music has in media. Three exciting guest speakers coming from different experiences will give us a well rounded look at how music has a tremendous influence on our culture and on what a difference it makes to have music that enhances a project.

We are excited to welcome Greg X Volz as our main speaker of the night. Many know him from his years as lead singer of the iconic Grammy and Dove Award winning Christian rock band, Petra. He and other band mates were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2002. He has continued on with his musical career as a singer and also wrote music for and was featured in the 1995 docudrama, America: A Call to Greatness.

Brenda Crouch is an experienced singer/songwriter with a unique style who has performed on stage and in film and commercial work. She is also a professional actress, designer, author and speaker. Brenda is married to broadcaster and film producer Paul Crouch Jr.

Jurgen Beck is an award winning composer whose talents, creativity, and experience make him highly sought after by those needing an original score for their film projects. His skills as a composer, along with all other aspects of musical arrangement, give Jurgen an unique ability to engage the listener and create a backdrop to a film that is memorable.One of his most recent films is Beyond the Mask.

NEW LOCATION!! For our combined Dallas/Fort Worth meeting, we will be gathering at 121 Community Church at 840 Mustang Drive, Grapevine, TX. Please take note that we are also meeting on a new DAY!. Instead of our normal Monday meeting, we will meet on Thursday. The time remains the same. Doors open at 6:30 and our meeting will begin at 7pm with hosts Benjamin Dane, Scott Mendes, and CMA co-president Tim Shields.

The Event is FREE, but you must RSVP if you plan to attend.

Reserve your seats on the website at Christian Media Association or CMA D/FW 7/30/15 Meeting Event on Facebook.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

7/30/15 CMA Meeting ~ Jurgen Beck

Jurgen Beck is an award winning composer whose talents, creativity, and experience make him highly sought after by those needing an original score for their film projects. Born in Germany, a country with a rich musical heritage, Jurgen's interest and skills with various instruments led to a full scholarship to a college in Dallas, Texas in 1987. He has continued to develop his skills as a composer, along with all other aspects of musical arrangement, and has an unique ability to engage the listener and create a backdrop to a film that is memorable.One of his most recent films is Beyond the Mask.

Jurgen will be one of the Guest Speakers at the combined Dallas/Fort Worth Christian Media Association meeting on July 30, 2015 at 121 Community Church in Grapevine. The Event is FREE, but you must RSVP if you plan to attend. The topic is "Music in Media" and other guests are Greg X Volz and Brenda Crouch. The event will be co-hosted by Dallas Chapter Leader Benjamin Dane and Fort Worth Chapter Leader Scott Mendes.

Reserve your seats on the website at Christian Media Association or CMA D/FW 7/30/15 Meeting

Connect with Jurgen:

Jurgen Beck website

Jurgen Beck on SoundCloud
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Follow @jurgenbeck on Twitter
Jurgen Beck on IMDb
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Jurgen Beck YouTube Channel
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

5/4/15 Fort Worth CMA Meeting - FUNDING!

The Fort Worth Chapter of Christian Media Association will be meeting May 4, 2015 at TC Media Productions at 7415 Whitehall Street, Suite 124, Richland Hills.

The topic for this meeting is "FUNDING For Your Creative Projects!: Film, TV, and Ministry" We have an expert panel lined up to answer questions about funding for your media & ministry projects.

D Ryan Tyler, MBA, Keynote Speaker and panelist, is the President and Founder of Credentia Advisors LLC. A dual citizen of the U.S. and Italy, Ryan is accomplished in sophisticated, multi-party, and international negotiations, deal-making, and fundraising. In addition, he also owns and operates entrepreneurial businesses and ventures, including development and negotiation of major motion picture/slate releases.

Steve Sappington has been a financial advisor since 1993, and co-founded TWM Group and Steve Sappington Communications. Steve worked with filmmaker Rich Christiano to promote the films, "Time Changer" and "The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry." He also worked with G. A. Repple to raise funds for "Letters to God." Steve has been a member of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants for the past 15 years.
Mike Farris is an award winning screenwriter and entertainment attorney. A much acclaimed presenter at writer's conferences around the country, Mike speaks on topics ranging from legal issues for writers and understanding publishing contracts to how to get published. Mike is also an author and he and his wife, Susan, are the owners of Farris Literary Agency.
Jack and Carol Garr are the Worship Leaders for the meeting. Jack owns a construction business and is the 2002 National Senior Professional Rodeo Champion Calf Roper & Ribbon Roper. Carol is an author, musician, songwriter & recording artist. Together they have been involved with ministry work for many years, including road evangelism and  established Lakeside Glory Church in 2012.
Hosts for the event are Fort Worth-CMA Chapter Leader, Scott Mendes, and CMA co-founder, Tim Shields. The event is FREE, but we do request that you RSVP due to limited seated. Click here to RSVP via FB Event

Saturday, April 18, 2015

4/20/15 Dallas CMA Meeting ~ BEYOND the STORY!

The Dallas Chapter of Christian Media Association will meet on April 20, 2015 for an incredible night about the impact a film can have on artists and musicians and how their creativity, combined with the filmmakers, is woven together into a powerful film that goes beyond the original vision. Each person involved with a film brings their special talents to create the whole. There is so much more than just the story being told. Our theme for the night is about "The Power of Art in Filmmaking."

Our special guest for the evening is John Hasting, CEO of The Thomas Kinkade Company. John previously had experience with Brushstrokes Fine Art Inc., InterArt Greetings, and Hallmark Cards Inc. One of the things John will be sharing with us is how seeing a rough draft of Beyond the Farthest Star inspired Thom to create one of his final paintings.

Other guests scheduled for this panel discussion are familiar faces from the film,  Beyond the Farthest Star.

Writer/Director/Producer Andrew Librizzi's film and commercial work have collected numerous awards, including international award winner, "Holding On," at the Houston Worldfest Film Festival. He also has had several stage productions performed across the United States and Canada.

Executive Producer/Actor Benjamin Dane (Deputy Jimmy Wilkens in BTFS) is also the current Dallas Chapter Leader for Christian Media Association. Benjamin has worked in several film, television and stage projects, with several due to be released in 2015. He is also the owner of the award winning ad agency Robinson Creative Inc.

Actor Todd Terry has the leading role as Pastor Adam Wells. Todd has been seen in numerous television and film roles, including, TNT's "Dallas," "Friday Night Lights," "Breaking Bad," "Arlington Road," and most recently on ABC's "American Crime." Todd also has several projects in production right now and is currently filming "Waiting For the Miracle to Come."

"Beyond the Farthest Star" will be making a monumental announcement that involves Thomas Kinkade, but they also have other famous fans who have been inspired to share their talents after seeing a rough cut of the film. Best selling Christian authors Brock and Bodie Thoene wrote a novel based on Andy's screenplay, and multiple award winning musician Crystal Lewis remastered her iconic hit, "Beauty For Ashes," to be included in the film. 

Dallas Chapter Leader Benjamin Dane is the host for the evening, but he will be assisted by Christian Media Association Board Member Theresa Westbrook and CMA Dallas Chapter Team Member Sherry Bronson.

The meeting will be held at Theatre 166 in Carrollton and is open to the public. However, due to limited space, it is strongly advised that you RSVP. Go to the Dallas Chapter CMA Facebook page to Join the Event. There is also a link where you may RSVP on the CMA website.

4/19/15 UPDATE!!
Now it is really serious! If you attend the CMA EVENT tomorrow night at 7P in Dallas, you could win this large framed Thomas Kinkade print! Must be present to win. Limited Seats. Make sure you RSVP!